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The ALS306/309 is a modular and robust concept which allows high speed, wide labels and flexible integration making it optimally suited for high demanding industrial applications.

  • Applies labels at 50 m/min – fastest labelling machine in the compact class of the new ALS generation
  • For labels up to 160mm width
  • Highest quality for various applications
  • Flexible usage through bottom, side and top labelling
  • Easy maintenance
  • All common interfaces for convenient connectivity
  • Comfortable handling with easy-push mechanism
  • Tandem function for continuous labelling process

Technical Specifications:

Dispensing Speed: ALS306 60M per minute / ALS309 45M per minute
Label Width: ALS204 20 – 152mm / ALS206 20 – 229mm (Incl. Backing Paper)
Label Stop Accuracy: ALS204/ALS206 + .05mm (on Dispensing Edge)
Processor: ALS204/ALS 206 32 Bit CPU (MIPS), RAM 16 Mbytes, ROM 4 Mbytes
Options: Several L-Shape Edges
               Second Unwinder and holder
               Internal and External OD control
               Applicator Interface Board

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