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ALS 380 (Standard)
Because it's so robust and so versatile, the ALS 380 family exceeds even the most stringent EU quality directives. Available in left and right hand configurations, the combination of stepper motor and processor controller delivers reliable precision even at the highest speeds.

ALS 380 (HS)
A real sprinter, the ALS 380 gives you the competitive edge. It can print up to 100m and apply up to 1000 labels per minute - depending on their length. Absolutely accurate, and available as left or right hand configurations.

  • Push / pull mechanism
  • Tandem mode
  • Optimum tolerance values

Technical Specifications:

Dispensing Speed: ALS380 .05 - 80M per minute /
                                  ALS380 HS .05 - 100M per minute

Label Width: 10 – 160mm (Incl. Backing Paper)
Label Stop Accuracy: + .05mm (on Dispensing Edge)
Processor: ALS204/ALS 206 32 Bit CPU (MIPS), RAM 16 Mbytes, ROM 4 Mbytes
Options: Serial interface Sensor for transparent labels
               APSF sensor
               Material end detection (OD control)
               Device status interface

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