Efficiency in a big way


High-performance thermal transfer printers from the 64-0x family are ideal for industrial applications that need to meet high demands.

With their fast print speed, the 64-0x printers even manage high volumes and large label formats. The unique foil-saving mechanism delivers considerable cost savings. Thanks to swift data processing, these printers are even able to cope with large quantities of variable data and graphical elements.

The 64-0x family will do your supply chain a power of good. Robust and reliable, it prints your labels just-in-time, just-in-sequence and with virtually no outages.


Print technology: Direct thermal and thermal transfer printer, intelligent,high-resolution near-edge print head with integrated
temperature control.
Print head: Resolution: 12 dots/mm (300 dpi); quick-change modules.
Print speed: 50 – 400 mm/s.
Print width: 64 04: 106.6 mm; 64 05: 127.9 mm; 64 06:
159.9 mm;64 08: 213.2 mm.
Memory: 64 MB RAM (can be expanded to 80 MB) / 4 MB ROM,Compact Flash Cards, Real-time clock.
Emulation: Easy Plug, Lineprinter, Hexdump, ZPL.
Interfaces: Serial RS-232 C, RS-422/485 (optional); parallel Centronics;Ethernet; WLAN functionality, Web-Server, FTP-Server.