AMS 42

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This unit is the largest and fastest of our equipment manufactured locally. The unit operates at speeds of up to 40 linear meters per minute and comes in two label width formats being 10 and 155mm inclusive of backing paper.

The Drive System has a highly accurate stepper motor which provides long service with minimum adjustments. There are various support structures available allowing the mounting of the AMS42 above, below, at the side of, or at angles to most conveyors.

Available as options to the AMS 42 are imprinting systems, for example, Hot Foil Coders which are available from us or other commercial outlets.


Label Width: 12mm to 155mm (Incl. Backing Paper)
Label Stop Accuracy: + 0.5mm (On dispensing edge)
Drive Systems: Stepper Motor driven
Linear speed (Adjustable): 5 to 40 m.p.m. (maximum)
Electronics: Microprocessor controlled
Speed Control: Potentiometer adjustable
Versions available: Left Hand/Right Hand Standard / Std ‘L’ or Telescopic ‘L’ Dispensing Edge.