XLS 256 / 272

High Performance


The turbo-labeller. This labeller provides more speed for more efficiency and offers the following benefits:

– Applies labels at 50 m/min – fastest labelling machine in the compact class of the new ALS generation.
– For labels up to 160mm width.
– Highest quality for various applications.
– Flexible usage through bottom, side and top labelling.
– Easy maintenance.
– All common interfaces for convenient connectivity.
– Comfortable handling with easy-push mechanism.
– Tandem function for continuous labelling process.


Dispensing Speed: 50 to 70M per minute.
Label Width: 10 – 160mm / 10-53mm (Incl. Backing Paper).
Label Stop Accuracy: +-.05mm at fixed speed (on Dispensing Edge).
Processor: 32 Bit CPU (MIPS), RAM 16 Mbytes, ROM 4 Mbytes.
– L-shaped / V-shaped Dispensing Edges.
– Different Label Sensors.
– External Remote Control Display.
– Rotary Encoder for APSF functionality (automatic speed follower).